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How does property management work?
As a rental property owner, you’re used to dealing with urgent or inconvenient issues springing up at any moment. You know first-hand that managing your own property can be overwhelming, and at times seem like a never-ending struggle to stay on top of things. Having to monitor everything from maintenance to compliance issues and on-time payments can be stressful. This takes a lot of time and resources, but it isn’t the only option.
Harvey Goodman Realtor Property Management can do all of these things for you. We have the experience and dedication to bring you the best service in the area. We take care of all the day-to-day hassle so that you can enjoy the benefits of property ownership.
Included Services:
Tenant Placement
Harvey Goodman Realtor manages rental inquiries, matching only the strongest prospects to your properties. We screen applicants and show your properties, selecting the best matches with your needs in mind. Our process analyzes income, credit score, background, and five other key indicators to evaluate the quality of each applicant.
Lease Preparation
Our attorneys draft some of the industry’s most protective leases that bring you the legal peace-of-mind you deserve. Our paperwork addresses many vulnerabilities ignored by a standard lease, and we offer this service with no extra charge. We can also work with your existing lease if you prefer it.
When we manage your properties, you become a part of our family with direct access to our extensive network of some of the best contractors in the Ohio Valley. You will appreciate the attention to detail and experienced advice that help to keep expenses at a minimum.
Late Rent Calls
We call your tenant when we have not received their rent by the due date. We look for early warning signs when collection may be a problem and saves you the added stress of dealing with awkward phone calls or confrontations.
Eviction Filings
We avoid evictions wherever possible, but there are times when they are necessary and unavoidable. Harvey Goodman Realtor has the knowledge and experience to make sure that you get possession of your property as quickly as possible. We work with the best eviction attorneys in the Ohio Valley and appear at every court hearing.
Billed-at-Cost Construction
Our idea is simple. You pay what we pay for all common maintenance. For larger projects, we will provide several quotes and even manage the project for a minimal fee.
Judgment Collection Services
Harvey Goodman Realtor works with attorneys experienced in collections so you can rest assured that legal muscle is working for your best interests. There is no need for you to experience the personal stress associated with tracking down what is legally yours but not yet in your bank account.
24 Hour Account Access
Harvey Goodman Realtor’s state-of-the-art management process allows you to see invoices, statements and up to the minute changes to your account whenever and wherever you are.
No Obligation or Long Contract
We are so confident that you will see the value of our service, that you may cancel the property management agreement at any time. Period.
Our management process is proven to maximize return on investment for our clients. This is what it looks like.
You are unique and so is your portfolio. Your experiences and expectations play an important part of how we move forward and make your properties the investment you always imagined. We look at strengths, weaknesses, undiscovered earning potential, and hidden hazards to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your property and how to make it work for you.
Properties are rarely maximizing their value. The next step is to take the information we gathered in the discovery phase and put it to work by developing tactics that accentuate the desired and distinctive, strategically upgrade the mundane and outdated, and package it all in a marketing plan that puts your property in front of the people that are already looking for it.
Finding the right tenants can be a nightmare right? Make the wrong choice, and you can set yourself up for months if not years of headaches and frustration. We take that stress away by facilitating the entire process from screening leads to signing contracts. You of course have the final say, but we do all the leg work.
We know that owning a property can be huge headache. There are late night calls for maintenance, collection calls for past-due rents, dealing with the occasional eviction, and a laundry list of other tasks that stand in the way of enjoying your investment. That’s where we come in. We handle everything, top to bottom so that you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your endeavors.

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